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Presentation: WESA

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johncouparJohn Coupar will be presenting to Island Health at the Yakimovich Wellness Centre on the Wills, Estates and Succession Act.  Register by calling Hillside Seniors Health Centre at 250-370-5641.



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Fiona Hunter will be chairing a conference in trusts in estates in Cambridge, Ontario.  


Speaker: Estate Planning

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Fiona Hunter will be a speaker at the "Estate Planning PD Day-- A Joint Conference between STEP Vancouver and the CPABC" at the Vancouver Convention Centre.




Best Lawyers

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best lawyers

Congratulations to Fiona Hunter, Mark Horne, and Donovan Waters for their recognition as 2015 "Best Lawyers".  Fiona has also been recognized as a Best Lawyer, Lawyer of the Year in her practice areas of Trusts and Estates.  Well done!


August Events

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Lawyers from Horne Coupar regularly make presentations to inform the public on recent developments in the law and participate in a number of other events.  Please contact our office or the contact listed below to attend. 


1% for the Planet Newsletter July 14, 2014

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1% for the Planet Newsletter July 2014

Monday July 14, 2014

June's New 1% for the Planet Members Love Blue!

Please help us welcome the companies who joined 1% for the Planet last month! From one of our consultants to lemonade, they're a diverse group with one thing in common--they're using their businesses as the engines of positive environmental change.

Connect with fellow members in our members only LinkedIn group to access insider advice on successful philanthropy, meet like-minded businesspeople and do more together than we can alone!

BottlesUS: Argentina BottlesUS sells glass water bottles as a replacement of plastic bottled water. They sell on Amazon.com and all the products, packaging and assembling is made in the USA.

Baird Beer: Japan Baird Beer is a celebratory experience in flavor. The flavors of malt and hops and yeast are highlighted and celebrated; they are not eviscerated by over-processing in the brewery. We craft Baird Beer in small batches with painstaking care, passion and both reverence and irreverence for tradition. We hope you enjoy imbibing Baird Beer as much as we enjoy crafting it.

Bureo:Rhode Island Bureo designs and manufactures a unique line of sustainable skateboards. Bureo’s innovative boards are manufactured in Chile through the team’s initiative, ‘Net Positiva’, Chile’s first ever fishnet collection & recycling program. Net Positiva provides fisherman with environmentally sound disposal points, while Bureo receives highly recyclable and d:urable raw materials.

Dali Bar: China Dali Bar produces an all-natural energy barthat is China's first healthy energy bar. Offering people natural sustenance that won't harm their bodies.

Evolved Naturals: Colorado Evolved Naturals is a health supplement manufactured in the US in an FDA registered/GMP certified facility. Their goal is to provide high-quality natural products combined with excellent customer service. They see natural extensions under this brand across health supplements, body care products, food products, etc.

Fishers Island Lemonade: New York Fishers Island Lemonade originated at The Pequot Inn, Fishers Island's only bar. We set out to share our refreshingly classic yet effective giggle water for all to enjoy responsibly, wherever you go... the beach, the ferry, the 7th green, sailing, or at your favorite watering hole. Here's to summer never ending…

Kurakin: Japan Kurakin is "rest dyed" cloth, meaning it's dyed in a warm, gentle, shade of a natural pigment. The cloth is ideal to use for clothing and is traditional in Japanese culture.

LoaTree: California LoaTree, Inc. is a lifestyle company focused on profiling change makers, building community and inspiring action through story telling and events. LoaCom (DBA) is LoaTree's consulting arm (and works with our organization!) that provides business/organizational development, communication strategies, and event production and Management to 'better world' companies.

Miffy Mountain Club: Japan Miffy Mountain Club is offering four-seasons activities at mountain ski resort called “Katashina Kogen,” located in northern area of Gunma prefecture which is about 2 hours drive from central Tokyo. Since 1996, they have been in tandem with Dick Bruna Japan, which enables them to be the one and only family mountain resort with an official character “Miffy.”

Natural Kinships:Oregon As the dialogue about the health of our planet grows more complex, one author is keeping it simple by publishing a new novel, Earth Heart, that takes readers on an adventure of discovery while conveying important and concise messages about how to care and respect for the planet.

Orange Photography: California A digital and film event company specializing in weddings, corporate events, parties, sports, athletics, portraits, and head shots. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Revelessence: France Revelessence is a French manufacturer and ratailer of essential oil and organic vegetable oil aromatherapy products. Based in Paris these artisan products are both good for you and the environment!

Salish Sea Organic Liquers: Washington Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs is a small certified organic distillery located in Lacey, Washington. They will be producing 20 different varietal flavors of organic liqueurs, as well as organic absinthes and brandies.

San Diego Social Lights: California San Diego Social Lights, and it's partner company Delights of Christmas (specializing in Christmas lights) are based in San Diego and can help you with all of your event or holiday lighting needs!

Stephen Williams Photography and Design: Wyoming Stephen Williams isa photographer and web designer based in Jackson, Wyoming. His work is a balance between technology and the beautiful natural surrounding in the Tetons. In addition to contract design and photography work, he also sells prints, canvas wraps and framed photography on my website.

Van City Studios: British Columbia Van City Studios™ is a full service digital creative agency, proudly based in Vancouver, BC. We're all about working with the people and organizations that protect our planet and make the world a better place. We work with industry leading platforms, including NationBuilder, HubSpot, and WordPress. That’s not all; our website and the websites that we host are 150% wind powered. We’re not just neutralizing our environmental impact, we’re reversing it.